will kate and mo
Will + Kate in Whitehorse, 2016

I’ve worked as a reporter for CBC Yukon in Whitheorse on and off since September, 2013.

Here is a highlight of stories I’ve worked on.


News stories:

Mining company files action against the Yukon’s environmental assessment board.

Human Rights Commission wants new government to reconstruct its funding model.

New open pit mine in the Yukon.

Finding housing in Dawson City is a yearly struggle that impacts transients and long term residents alike.

Porcupine caribou left dead along the Dempster Highway.

High rate of petty crime causes vigilantism in Whitehorse.

Porcupine caribou herd returns to migration route.

New app helps doctors diagnose hearing loss.

Home robbed while family away at brother’s funeral.

Inuit knowledge preserved using new social media platform.

These stories are cases of my having tracked down subjects. The job of interviewing them and reporting on them was collaborative.

Mother of murdered First Nations girl is hopeful that the MMIW inquiry will bring answers regarding her daughter’s death.

Watson Lake is in desperate need of a men’s shelter. The economy is worse than ever, the population is shrinking, and people are dying.

Apartment building manager in Whitehorse says her dumpsters are filling up with illegal dumping because of city laws.

Features stories:

Missing and murdered First Nations women honoured with artwork.

Filmmaker creates a cinematic poem to the Tahltan territory; debuts it in the land where it was created.

Yukon family lives in the middle of a birch forest, lives off birch syrup production..

Radio. These are all PAKs.

Watson Lake desperately needs a men’s shelter.

Star Trek celebrity comes to Yukon.

Residential school survivors hold reunion at Baptist Church, the former site of the residential school.

Caribou left dead on the Dempster Highway.

Filmmaker Nettie Wild debuts her film in Telegraph Creek, where it was created.

Yukon family’s birch syrup starts in a forest in central Yukon, and ends up with international awards.

Free store in Mayo, Yukon draws people from across the territory.


I am the reporter for these stories. I work with a videographer who shoots and edits the film. I pitch the story, interview the subjects and write the script.

This is a news story from the spring of 2015:

Two-mile Hill is a busy six lane road in Whitehorse, Yukon. Many residents are terrified to drive the road because for most of the year, the lines on the road are rubbed off.

This is a feature story from the summer of 2015:

Bear dogs tracking a problem grizzly bear in Carcross, Yukon.

Northern Expressions Society (Feature story from 2014)

(Feature story from 2014) Filmmakers canoe six Yukon rivers that most people in the world will never see. Here is a story from when they returned from that trip. Footage of the trip is from the filmmakers. This film went on to tour with the Banff International Film Festival.

The Old Canadian Tire building in Whitehorse sat vacant for a long time. NVD, a development company, bought it a few years back. Here’s a story from the winter of 2013, when the company was renovating the building.