Editing + Contracts


what's Up
My boss from What’s Up Yukon had this  caricature of me made for her website.

I was the editor of What’s Up Yukon. It was a part time position from May, 2014 to September 2015. I was then hired as a full time editor in June, 2016. I kept that position until December 2016, before resigning. I was looking for something more creatively satisfying for the amount of work I was doing. It was an incredible learning experience, and very empowering. I continue to write the odd article for the paper.

I recently completed a short writing contract with Outcrop Yukon. That’s a communications company. They were hired by the Yukon Research Centre, which is an appendage of the Yukon College. The Research Centre wanted to let more people know about the work it’s doing, especially in the areas of innovative technology, and climate change research. I interviewed several people, and wrote copy that other staff at Outcrop turned into a brochure. I did that work right at the same time that I found out I was going to Iqaluit, so it was really busy! I finished writing it on March 27th, 2017. I haven’t seen the brochure, I’m really curious about it though. I usually dismiss brochures; it was eye-opening to find out what goes into making them, especially the money that organizations put into them. I appreciated the money; I wouldn’t have been able to pay rent for April without it.