About Me

This website was created and is built upon to serve as an archive of my work. It’s an online portfolio, a virtual history of my fledgling career, a place where you can see what I’ve done — maybe it will inspire you to hire me in a position with benefits and a pension, or at least give me a contract. Maybe you’ll want to collaborate on a creative project with me, or maybe you need advice or a connection.

I am a trained journalist based out of Whitehorse, Yukon. I work sometimes steadily, sometimes not, at CBC Yukon as a casual reporter.

I’m currently at CBC Iqaluit in Nunavut, the territory formed by the Inuit people. I didn’t know there was a place in Canada like this, where it blizzards on Easter Sunday and the majority of the population speak Inuktitut. People zip around town on ski doos, and drop off frozen caribou head and narwhal fins at the local CBC station.

Here I am producing the morning show, called Quilliq. It’s been a steep learning curve, given that I’ve never produced before, the show is mostly in Inuktitut, and the broadcast territory spans three time zones. My brain is mush at the end of my shifts. However, I’ve been sleeping incredibly well, and I’m getting the hang of it. We haven’t needed to run a syndicated item in the last ten days, and I can tell that I’m taking the load off the associate producer and station manager. It’s satisfying.

I’m a news reporter and I’ve grown to love that — I love the deadlines and the busy-ness, I love constantly learning, and I love the variety of people I’m exposed to. My dream is to be a radio documentarian, however — it’s why I got into journalism in the first place. I love spending time getting to know subjects and honing stories.

In the meantime, I fill in the gaps by writing creatively, writing brochures, writing year-end reports for NGOs, writing scripts for short films, and writing articles for newspapers and magazines. I am an editor, and I curate websites. I was recently a bar tender at Earls. I made drinks with names like Never Ending Head (1 oz apple vodka, 1/2 can Red Bull, 12 oz Keith’s draft, 1 plop of lime slushie. Serve in a refrigerated 10 oz beer mug). Sounds refreshing, eh? I’ll have a position there upon my return, should I need it. Just in time for patio season.

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